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Week 61 Theme : Kiss

This week's theme is Kiss. Icons must feature two (or more?!) characters kissing. ♥

[x] Anime, manga and RPG icons are welcome.
[x] Meet LJ standards 100x100 / 40K or less .jpg, .gif or .png only
[x] No fanart unless it is your own (artbook images are okay, doujinshi is not).
[x] Include the series
[x] Submit both the image & the URL
[x] It is not acceptable to use LiveJournal user pics as a form of image hosting.
[x] This is a hush community. No text, text brushes, or anything that may be misinterpreted as text are allowed.
[x] Mods, as always, reserve the right to accept or deny your submission.

Don't forget to VOTE!
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